Keywords: Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Particle Physics, Technological Challenges for confronting Physics Objectives, Exploiting Synergies, Cross Disciplinary

Cutting edge instrumentation is a driving force for scientific progress, in Physics, Astrophysics as well as in many other scientific disciplines like Medicine. Novel sophisticated signal processing schemes are a key element in building the advanced instruments of the 21st century. It is around all aspects of the signal processing chain that the scientific and technological programme of the INFIERI schools is built.
Following successful editions in Oxford, Paris, Hamburg, Sao Paulo and Wuhan the 6th edition of the school will be held from August 23 till September 4, 2021, at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM).

The programme of the school will cover advanced technologies in semiconductors, deep sub-micron 3D technologies, nanotechnology, interconnects, data transmission, Big Data, artificial intelligence, high-performance and Quantum computing, as well as their scientific motivations. The latter range from the exploration and understanding of the universe (i.e. dark matter/energy and gravity), particle physics and future accelerators with opening on new energies to the human-body (i.e. neurology and advances in nanomedecine).

The three-tier program comprises lectures, keynote talks and hands-on sessions.

The school will only be offering attendance in person attendance as essential to the traditions of the school are the laboratory sessions and the close interactions of students with international experts in fundamental research and instrumentation from Academia and Industry. 

The organisers are making every provision to ensure full safety of students and staff through very strict safety rules to be observed by all the participants. The space being made available by the UAM ensures full compliance with distancing requirements can be maintained and the excellent weather in Madrid in August/September allows a great deal of activities outdoors including coffee breaks and meals. 

The impressive progress in the COVID-19 vaccination, diagnostics and treatment indicate that conditions at the time of the school will allow full safety of all participants to be ensured. This international scientific in-person event must be a MOTIVATION FOR ALL, including young attendants to get vaccinated.

The target audience is M.Sc., Ph.D. and early-career researchers, mainly physicists and engineers.